Unless you’re convinced that there are good reasons to assign weekly chores to kids, you probably won’t do it. Managing family chore charts, inspecting chores to make sure that they were done properly and teaching children how to do them can be time consuming and at times frustrating. Many moms throw up their hands and would rather do the chores themselves. The next time you feel that way, consider why it’s a good idea to persevere and let your kids do their chores.

It’s their Contribution to the Household

Everyone needs to help out around the home. There are age appropriate chores for each of your children. By having weekly chores it teaches your children about actions/consequences and responsibility.

They’ll Learn Time Management Skills

Assigning weekly chores is your opportunity to teach your kids project management skills. As they build on those skills, they’ll learn manage projects and deadlines well. They’ll be glad you taught it to them when they have major academic or job assignments due. When assigning chores, let them set milestones for major tasks, such as deadlines. Show them how to estimate how long a chore might take, and let them be responsible for checking in with you on or before the due date or time for each chore. Don’t let them participate in their fun activities until all their chores are completed.

Chores will teach them about value

Chores will help teach your children about the value of money. This will lead to them not breaking, loosing, and misplacing items. They will respect their personal items more and will take better care of them. They will have also have begun to learn about the value of a dollar.