Nothing like a family day of fun with the kids. You spend time together, ward off boredom, bond and create beautiful memories. Unfortunately, nobody has time and money to organize a trip to Disney World every other weekend. That doesn’t mean you can’t have great family fun days, you just need to get creative! Prepare your camera (or your new iPhone) and get ready for a fantastic weekend with the kids by trying out these ideas.


1. Play dress-up

This works especially well with small kids. Who doesn’t love costumes? Bring out all the old Halloween costumes the kids only wore once, rummage trough your closet to find wacky accessories that once were the latest in fashion and lay out some make-up for good measure. Mix and match to your heart’s content and give everyone a character. The kids get the last word, of course. And make sure to take lots of pictures!

2. Cardboard box spaceship

If you have a fairly large cardboard box that you haven’t got around to throwing out yet, make the best of it! Get some sharp scissors, glue, markers and paint. And get everyone together to build a spaceship. Or a car. Or a castle. Or anything else you can think of! There are plenty of tutorials online if you need them, but you can always just try your hand at it and see what turns out. And once you are done with all the dangerous, sharp-scissors-related part of the project, the kids can go wild decorating their new toy.

3. Treasure hunts

If the weather allows it, treasure hunts are great outdoor fun. Even better, they are a way to teach kids about observation and using their senses while they learn about their environment. Depending on the time of the year, include seasonal things like butterflies in summer or crispy fallen leaves in autumn. Make sure the kids can use all their senses. Can they find a bird chirping? A smooth stone? A triangle-shaped leaf? A soft feather? You get the idea, go wild! And have a small prize ready, to get everyone in the competition spirit.

4. Go to the museum or the library

If you are in the mood for more educational activities, museums are often free and they can offer really interesting things to watch and learn. Especially if it’s a subject the kids are interested in. Libraries are also a great choice, the kids can check out a storybook they find intriguing and you can take turns reading them before giving them back. Some libraries also have activities and reading days for the younger kids, so check out your local resources.