It is 2015 and I think that this should be the year of going out to explore the world, or in your case…the city. Did you know that there are many field trips that are fun and free? You read that right. You save money, and everyone has fun exploring somewhere new. Kids do not care how much is spent on the trip as long as they are having fun. All you really need to spend money on is gas for transportation and money for some snacks. The last thing you want is starving children on the trip.

Here are some free field trip ideas that are fun.

  • Tour The White House – All you need to do is connect an HDMI cable from your computer to the television. Have everyone sit around the TV. Now you can tour the White House for free without even spending money to get to Washington D.C.
  • Scavenger Hunt – This is a fun game. All the kids need is a camera and some good running shoes. Make a list of places around town for them to take pictures of. First team back gets to pick the movie of the night.
  • I See, You Sea – Go to the beach and explore. Keep eyes out for kids who are swimming. You do not want a shark week situation upon you. Bring Ziploc bags for them to bring back some seashells and other things they find at the beach. Leave the crabs and jellyfish behind.
  • Star Gazing – Brings blankets and snacks. Have the kids lie on the blankets and stare up at the night sky. See if they can find star constellations. Or better yet, have them make their own.
  • Zoo Trip – check to see which day is the free day for your zoo. Take the kids there for a great zoo-safari. You can also give them a scavenger hunt list too but make each one different so they all explore different areas of the zoo. Then when all is complete, have them share each are of the zoo they visited.
  • Hike And See – Go to a local park and take a hike. It will be so much fun exploring the local plants, trees, and wildlife. You can also play games in the forest, just be careful with poison ivy. That plant is one evil itch.

See how easy it is to go have fun with the kids and for absolutely free. No tickets to Disney, no water park rides, and no expensive outings need. All you need is creativity, a car, and kids who like to have fun. Make 2015 the year your kids will remember as the year we had fun outside and inside of the house.