Toys have really gotten super expensive over the years. I remember when toys used to be $1 dollar. The kids were happy with whatever you got them. Nowadays if the toy is not worth $50 dollars or more, the child could give two craps about it. Finding a great price for a Christmas toy can be time consuming. There are many places that offer great deals but you better be in line at the crack of dawn to get the toy before it sells out.

Here are some tips to get great deals on Christmas toys.

  • Shop on-line first: Some companies keep their cyber Monday sales going on longer than usual. Plus they offer free shipping which means that you get to stay home drinking that hot cocoa.
  • Red: Look for red signs in the stores. That is normally where you are going to find promo items.
  • Roll that money back: Wal-Mart always is rolling back its prices. Look for the smiley face and you are sure to have one on your face when you find a great deal.
  • Two gifts are better than one: Never pass up a buy one get one free sale any time of the year. Buy one for your kid and save the other one for a x-mas gift for a niece or nephew. It is free. Toys R Us is known for their B1G1 sales.
  • One for all: Buy the whole family a gift. This is great if you have a family of gamers. Spend once and everyone is happy. Get the Wii U for $399. Put a controller in the stockings as a pre-gift tease.
  • Head on over to They have their 12 Days of Deals going on. Every hour they have specific items on sale for a great price.
  • Attic Treasures: Save money and re-gift something of your childhood that you find in the attic or basement. Vintage gifts are great. Plus an old board game is always great to keep in the family. You will have that one kid who will cherish these gifts.
  • Thrift Shop Gold: You will be amazed at the great toys you can find at thrift stores during the holiday season. This is a great option for kids who cannot even spell their own name. You can get lots of books for .50 cents (not the rapper) for the book lover. Awesome clothes for the vintage, non-label kids are on sale all the time.

Optional: If you cannot get the Elsa doll from Frozen, then you did not fight hard enough. (Just kidding.) All you need to do is get crafty. Have all of your relatives look for it too while they shop. Some one is sure to find it. If not then try making one at home. Try.

With all these great deals out there you better get them before they are gone. Take advantage of all the sales to make your holiday, one to remember. The best gift anyone can give is love, and that is priceless. Oh and cookies are a great gift too.