Becoming a mom is a wonderful and magical experience. It’s also stressful, difficult and scary. New moms need all the support they can get and yet they are often the target of snide comments and judgement masked as unsolicited advice. If you are having a C-section, you’ll probably find a lot of people with  ridiculous opinions about your body and what you choose to do with it. Don’t listen to them if they say things like these.


“You just want the easy way out”

Let’s get one thing straight. C-sections are major abdominal surgery. There’s nothing easy about that. Cesarean delivery is definitely not just a quick snip to get your baby. It carries all the risks for you and your baby as any other surgery would. C-sections are not “easy”, but they are sometimes necessary. Every woman’s experience with childbirth is different, and they all have their unique challenges and difficulties. It’s petty and mean to undermine another mother’s experience just because it’s different than our own.

“It’s not really delivering a baby unless it’s by natural birth”

Did you have a baby inside of you when you entered the hospital? Is said baby in your arms now? Congratulations, you delivered a baby. Modern medicine made it so childbirth is safer than ever for both the mom and the baby. We should be celebrating that and congratulating each other instead of making snide comments at a mother because she and her doctor decided c-section was the best choice. In fact, you can go ahead and happily disregard any comment along the lines of “real mothers do this”. You know what real mothers do? The best they can for their children.

“You won’t bond with your baby”

Another fear-mongering comment repeated by judgemental people everywhere. And it not based in reality at all. Nowadays doctors try to get your baby in your arms as soon as possible, because mother-baby bonding is really important to get the pain of delivery under control and get all those good hormones flowing. If there is no medical issue with you or the baby, they will give you your child almost immediately. And the moment you hold him in your arms will be just as magical and wonderful as it would after “natural childbirth”, I promise.

“You just want to do this because you want to pick the date”

The idea that women schedule c-sections because they are tired of the pregnancy or because they want to pick their child’s birthday is absolutely ridiculous. A c-section is not exactly a day at the spa, you can’t schedule it to fit your incredibly busy agenda. If your doctor decides that a c-section is necessary, she will schedule  it when she feels is appropriate. And it won’t happen before 39 weeks of gestation, unless there is an emergency or in a life-threatening situation.