Some kids wake up in the morning time before their parents do, and these are great kids to have when it comes to getting ready in the morning for school. But then on the other hand, there are kids who make it seem like the sun is going to kill them if they open their eyes. These kids can turn morning time into a daily war, which translates into a bad day for everyone.

Let’s take a quick look at some helpful tips for getting your kiddos out of bed in the morning.

Tip 1) Quit fighting about stuff that doesn’t matter

Does it really matter that little Tommy didn’t pick up his room last night? No, it doesn’t. There’s no need for you to nag in the morning when trying to get your kids up. Instead, you need to have a calm, soothing voice when getting them up, because the last thing they want to be woke up to is you complaining.

Tip 2) Set an alarm with a happy tone

No one likes to hear BWAMP! BWAMP! BWAMP! in the morning. If you set alarms for your children to get up to, make sure it’s a happy tone that they are awoken to. In fact, you could even get an alarm that allows you to set the alarm ringtone to one of their favorite songs.

Tip 3) Ask your child to help cook breakfast

Kids love helping out, especially younger ones. A great way to get the kiddos out of bed is to let them help you cook breakfast in the mornings, and although it does require that you get up a bit earlier than usual, it can go a long way in getting the kids out of bed without a fight. More importantly, it’s provides great bonding time between you and the kids.

Tip 4) Be prepared for the worst

There will be mornings that no matter how you go about it, getting the kids out of bed will be a battle. When this happens, you must keep your cool, and you must remember not to yell at the kids. Even if they make you late for work or make their selves late for school, don’t yell. Yelling causes much harm to the relationships you have with your kids.