Coconut oil is like the Swiss army knife of oils. It stays there, hidden in your pantry, just waiting for you to realize its full potential and take advantage of all its amazing superpowers. Sure, it’s great for cooking and a healthy alternative to other vegetable oils or butter. It will boost your family’s daily energy, improves insulin levels, helps digestion and it’s even great for a healthy thyroid. But by keeping coconut oil in the kitchen, you are missing out on all kinds of great uses that have nothing to do with cooking. Such as…

1. Skin care

Coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer that will help you keep your skin healthy without applying dangerous chemicals. You can mix it with some sugar for a gentle exfoliating solution, apply it directly on your lips instead of chapstick and use it to soothe rashes or superficial injuries.

2. Pregnancy and baby care

While pregnant, apply coconut oil daily to your skin to prevent stretch marks, reduce the appearance of varicose veins and even get rid of cellulite. After giving birth, apply it directly on perineum to soothe pain and help it heal faster, and apply topically to soothe pain from hemorrhoids.

When you are nursing, you can apply to your nipples to soothe irritation without fear for your babies’ health. If you apply directly to baby’s mouth, it will reduce thrush. It on your baby’s bottom instead of diaper cream for a natural way to prevent irritation that is also cloth safe.

3.Hair care

Coconut oil has restorative properties, which makes it great for your hair. Rub directly on dry hair, put a shower cap on and leave it on for a few hours for intensive conditioning or apply to your split ends to help repair them.

This miracle oil can even fight lice! Mix with apple cider vinegar and rub on your kids’ scalps to get rid of the annoying pests once and for all. (the lice, not the kids)

4. Fighting fungus and infections

Another great property of your new best friend: Coconut Oil is great for fighting fungus. Rub on feet to get rid of athlete’s foot or apply directly to other fungal infections. It also works to combat yeast infections and soothe that annoying itch.

This bad boy is anti-viral and anti-bacterial as well, which makes it great to heal infections. Apply topically on your skin to heal infections after injury. Use it in your kids ears to speed up ear infection healing and apply to cold sores to get rid of them faster.

5. Improve your love life

Being a mom doesn’t mean you stop being a woman and a family can make your love life take the back seat. Fear not, coconut oil to the rescue! Use it as a personal lubricant for safe, irritation free lovemaking without altering the vaginal flora. Or use it as a delicious massage oil to spice up your night. Just do this if condoms are your birth control method, since oils break down the latex in them and make them break. Otherwise, you are in for a great ride!