Homeschooling gets a bad rep. Stereotypes of weird kids, isolated extremists, and socially oblivious children are abundant and maybe not entirely without reason. But lots of parents choose to homeschool their children for reasons that are not religious or moral in nature.


1. Avoiding long commutes – One hour and a half of bus ride to and from school might be a bit much for a five-year-old. Similarly, many families spent too much time driving all the siblings to their respective schools and then to soccer practice, band rehearsal or any other activity.

2. Lack of public school funding – It’s no secret that education in the US is not as high of a priority as it should be. Sure, every politician, from your local representatives to the President, keeps saying that children are the future. Meanwhile, some schools are falling apart, without enough funds to pay their teachers, who are constantly threatening to strike.

3. Private education is too expensive – If public schools are out of the question, many families look at private schools as a solution. Unfortunately, they are becoming prohibitively expensive. Many families choose to educate their children themselves and use the money for a college fund instead.

4. It is more flexible – Homeschooling lets families create their own schedule so they can work around the important events in their lives. Kids can learn anywhere, even on the road, so there is no reason not to take that family trip.

5. Kids can advance at their own pace – Every child learns differently and has different strengths. The personal attention you give your kids when homeschooling them lets you support their strengths so they advance as fast as they want, while at the same time stopping and taking your time on their weak areas.

6. Choose the best public school services – Homeschooled kids are eligible for special programs, advanced classes, extracurricular clubs and even joining sport teams at public schools. You can take advantage of the services that are best for your kid and they can socialize with their peers as well.

7. Kids can pursue their own unique interests – The flexibility of homeschooling lets kids pursue their own interests on their own time. Homeschooled children can engage in creative activities and explore their passions without having to fit them around their school’s rigid schedule.

8. Children learn practical life skills – Homeschooling lets parents teach skills such as time-management to their children. Kids budget their time and energy to get all their work done and be able to play. Besides, older siblings can help the younger ones with their work, which helps them practice didactic skills. At the same time, all the home economics exercises can be taught with real life examples and the kids will be making meaningful contributions to the household.

9. Sleep! – Homeschooled kids (and their parents) sleep more than their counterparts. When you no longer have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get dressed, make lunches, have breakfast and catch the bus for an hour-long commute, you get to really rest at night. And well-rested kids learn better, are less stressed and live happier.