Halloween is dangerously close and you think your home could use a couple of extra decorations. Trick or treating should be fun and a few extra bats and pumpkins around can definitely accomplish that. Only problem is that nobody has time to start making Halloween decorations in September. So if you are like the majority of moms everywhere and left the decorations to the last minute, don’t panic. Here are some cool and cute things you can do easily and have them ready before the big night.


Hanging pumpkin bats

For this craft you can use fake foam mini pumpkins or real tiny pumpkins. This project is perfect to enlist the help of the kids, it’s fun and you’ll be done faster as well. First, spray paint the pumpkins black. Give them as many coats as needed to get rid of any streaks or splotches. Remember to let each coat dry completely before applying the next one. Cut wings, ears, eyes and teeth out of black, yellow and white felt. Cut floral wire and glue it to the back of the wings. This will gold them up and make them bendable. If you are doing the project alone, a low-temperature glue gun will be perfect for this. If the kids are around, clear craft glue can work too. Now glue the ears, eyes, teeth and wings on the pumpkin. Prop up the wings with your hands until they are completely dry. There you go, now hang them from the ceiling or anywhere with¬†string. The best part is that these guys can have different personalities simply by changing the shape of their eyes!

Ghost lighted garland

This project is great because you already have Christmas lights around your house that are not being used until December. As long as they are white, they can work. Your will need some needle nose pliers and a set of aluminium gutter strainers. While this project is not exactly hard, the ends of the gutter strainers can be kind of sharp, so this is not the best craft to do with the kids. Once you are done, it’s better to hang it away from the little ones’ reach. First, remove the first four lights of the garland. Now, open up the cage of the strainer and insert the two following lights from the top of the strainer. Insert each light into one reticulated hole near the to, so as to make the two eyes of the ghost. Once the lights are secured in place, close back the cage and remove the following four lights of the garland. Repeat the process with as many ghosts as you can fit in. There you go, a not so spooky but still amazing Halloween garland.