With mid-terms approaching it’s important to be involved in your child’s school work. Whether it be pre-k, elementary, middle school, or high school, be sure to boost your child’s creative writing skills with these three easy ways. Most of these ideas are geared towards younger children but children of all ages can participate in these activities. These ideas help to encourage writing without pressuring children. Try one or all of these ideas to inspire a new love of writing in your kids.

Send letters in the mail

Encourage old-fashioned correspondence. Most kids are still enchanted by the idea of the postal service. Encourage your kids to write letters to grandparents or peers. Start at an early age, with letters that consist mostly of drawings. Single sentences will eventually lead to fully-formed letters if you begin the tradition early.

Draw comic books

Kids who hate the idea of creative writing might not realize that comic books begin with written stories. Talk about the role of a comic book writer and encourage your child to try writing her own comics. Even stick figures with thought bubbles count. If your child becomes enthused, help her laminate and bind her own comic book when it’s done.

Create your own board game

If your child is still struggling with putting ideas on paper, consider a totally different structure. Instead of writing a story or a letter, have him help you write directions for your own handmade board game or card game. Model it after an existing game or come up with something entirely new.

It’s important for children to know that writing is important, not only to succeed in school but also to get far in life as well. Use these tips to help children write better.