Well, well well. Look who is here. 2015. A new year and oh so many resolutions! Mine was to finally ditch these extra 25 pounds I packed after having my second child. Who am I kidding? My baby didn’t do this, I did. I ate like if I was gonna give birth to an elephant. An obese elephant.

I ate for five, not for two. So my resolution was to kick my own butt and lose the weight before 2015 knocked on my door. And I did. And I said “See? I told ya I would look good, now go away. Shoo” So now that I managed to ditch the extra weight and not put it back, I created these simple tips so you’ll be on the same court as me: slim, happy, and healthy.

1) No more diets! From now what you need in that little brain of yours is to have a new mentality. Diets are basically a way for you to restrict the intake of food, teaching you absolutely nothing more than self control, in a bad way. It forbids certain foods, which is a non long lasting technique guaranteed to help you gain it all back when you’re starving after a while.


2) Move! No, not away from your parent’s house. Although if you’re 40 it would be a good idea, but with this economy, who knows? Move around as much as you can. Get a pedometer, and WALK the line into thinness. Also, find a workout buddy or go at it alone. Go back to riding your bicycle to work, unless this is a first for you. Then simply begin. You save gas and you workout like a beyotch. In a good way of course.

If you can’t go out for a walk or ride your bike to work, then purchase a workout dvd to do at home. Dvds like P90X, Hiphop Abs, Insanity, Chalean Extreme and other workout dvd’s are amazing to shed the weight. I personally did Insanity and it literally melted the weight away. I also subscribed for FREE to a lot of youtubers who teach you how to Zumba, and have workout classes for free, I repeat, and those seemed to make me lose the first 10 pounds until for some reason I got used to it, so I wasn’t losing the weight. Don’t let your anxiety win and remember:


3) Muscle confusion: This is obtained by changing your workouts everyday. For example, if you walked today, go for a run tomorrow. Then do biceps and triceps on the third. Then on the forth you do push ups and core. And on the fifth you do leg day where you work on your calves, you squat, lunge etc. The idea is to mix it up. You won’t burn if you do the same workout every day.


4) No more diet fads, simply control the amount of animal products you consume on a daily basis. Try to kick milk out of your diet, or reduce its intake to at least 50% less. Only eat red meat, chicken and fish at lunch. Control your portions: meats are to be only the size of the palm of your hand and as thick as 2 decks of cards. The rest has to be all kinds of veggies.


5) Extra bonus: If you need to lose fast, eat raw. All raw veggies and fruits will help your body detox and if you only eat vegetarian at night, you can start losing uo to 4 pounds a week, by also accompanying your meals with daily workouts at least 3 to 4 times a week. Don’t over do it, know your limits and start consuming more seeds, (flax seeds, chia, etc). Have at least 70% of your daily intake of food of fruits, vegetables and carbs. YES CARBS. You need carbs. Don’t listen to those morons who still have a 90’s mentality. You simply have to consume less meat, and fats to lose weight. You do need your daily carbs.


6) Have fun. Don’t workout for the sake of it, find a routine or an exercise you find amazing. I prefer the bike, so I rode my bicycle all the way to the promised land: a land where there are no more muffin tops and I actually had well defined calves. I’m currently residing there and it feels phenomenal.