Summertime is almost over and with it, summer vacations. Especially if you’ve decided to homeschool your kids, children need to adjust to the routine again and start compartmentalizing schoolwork and play time. This will will be harder for homeschooled kids, as their study and recreational spaces are often the same. One way to avoid this is by creating an amazing classroom at home that will help your family stay organized and actually make your kids excited for classes. This is what you should not do when creating a classroom for your home.


1. Don’t use any old furniture you have available

An important part of school and educational spaces are desks. That’s where all the reading and working is going to get done. However, many homeschooling parents decide to forgo the desks and make do with their kitchen table. Nothing wrong with frugality, but the kitchen table already has a designated purpose and having your lessons there feels like an afterthought. Your kids will be distracted and restless. If they are young, they might struggle to reach the materials on the high table. And no matter their age, you will have to pack up and move your lessons every time you get hungry. It is better to have a dedicated space and desks where children can sit comfortably for long periods of time to do the work.

2. Don’t avoid computers

Technology is a wonderful thing! It is part of our lives whether we like it or not and that’s especially true for the younger generation. A lot of homeschooling programs are virtual schools now, which are conducted entirely online. Not to mention you can use virtual worksheets, print out materials and even play multimedia materials for some of your lessons. Don’t dismiss computers and screens as something that will only distract your kids. Embrace them as useful tools for the classroom.

3. Don’t skimp on storage

If you don’t really pay attention to your storage needs, you will find yourself three months into the school year tripping over textbooks, finding old worksheets inside the bathroom cabinet and seeing pencils everywhere, all the time, except when you actually need them. Invest in a bookshelf, a file cabinet and some drawers to keep supplies. It will help you and your kids stay organized, you will have everything you need close by and you will keep the rest of your house tidy.

4. Don’t try to emulate another family

The most important thing to keep in mind when building your homeschooling space is to make it right for your family. Think about what you and your kids need and don’t try to create the “perfect classroom”. That doesn’t exist, What you can do is create the best possible classroom for you and your kids.