christmas-table-dinner-party-familyThere is no shame in admitting to going through financially difficulties, almost all of us have experiences where for one reason or another there simply is not enough money to do anything more than pay bills and hope that the next month is better than the last. The holidays are perhaps the hardest time to be struggling, but don’t sweat it! When you’re creative and resourceful, money ain’t a thang! Check out the way I manage to spend the least while having the most fun!

Make everything from scratch

It may sound much more difficult, but the difference between buying premade foods for your party and making them yourself can not only save you massive amounts of money, but can also provide an immense satisfaction, family bonding, and feeling of independence. My children might have slowed down (or even reversed) my progress a few times, but choosing to include them made them feel important. It turned another day in the kitchen into a family learning project that brought us all closer and this is what the holidays are truly about.

When we struggle with money we are often made to feel as if we have lost complete control of our lives. At times it can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Cooking (and learning) together brings the family closer. We can find ways to live how we want to live by simply doing more ourselves, even if this just means buying the flour to make dinner rolls instead of a tube of easy bake rolls. One of the wonderful aspects of our age is how easily we can attain information and just about any recipe we may want is usually laid out step by step on Youtube. If I can learn how to change my own car’s water pump then you can learn how to cook anything.

Hold a pot luck

Okay, so we cooked a lot of our own food and even managed to get that pie crust to taste better than anything we could have bought at the grocery store thanks to a youtuber and a lot of determination, but we still aren’t sure that we have enough to feed the masses who are coming to the party. What do we do now? We hold a pot luck dinner. Many might at first view a pot luck dinner sounds like you are asking for help, but there are many reasons as to why pot lucks are more enjoyable. The variety of food will be amazing and everyone will have something special they get to share. We will be building a stronger sense of community and it will give us a chance to praise the works of our friends. A well organized pot luck will make everyone feel special for contributing something, no matter how small.

So as you can see, you don’t have  to spend tons of money to get the family together and have fun. These simple ideas will make you grateful for being so smart and savvy. Now go try all of these and have an amazing time, sister!