Modern Time Survival Food Traditions:

If you seriously want significant savings on your grocery bill without sacrificing quality or healthy foods for your family, you’ll plan ahead each week. You’ll need 2-3 hours weekly for “mass-cooking”. As you make my ideas your own, time and money-savings will increase. You’ll want to know when foods go on sale at grocers, or bulk-shop at Costco or Wal-mart.

One year, my husband lost his high-paying job before Thanksgiving. I began testing my grandmothers’ simple traditions. I found nourishment and healthful solutions were also money-saving. I continued using these methods after we re-gained our financial stability because they just made sense.

Cooking Once Weekly, Freezing Fresh Meals for the Week, Two Weeks or a Month:

  • Time spent making meals every day each week, washing dishes, pots ‘n pans, plus clean-up v.s. major food preparation once per week saving time and money.
  • Start with a large pot, to hold two large chickens or turkey. You don’t have to buy a new pot, borrow, shop at yard sales or thrift stores.
  • Boil water in pot, two-thirds full.
  • Add carcass from an already baked turkey complete with left-over stuffing inside.
  • Reduce the heat and simmer for an hour. (I often add turkey breast to the simmering broth to increase meat for gravy and left-overs).

Not only saving money here, serving turkey on a non-Thanksgiving day, (cost is less off-season), you also have left-overs to create recipes for freezing.

  • Using a large bowl with a strainer on top, pour broth from the large pot into large bowls.
  • Pour the rest of contents into a strainer and set strainer on top of empty pot. Allow to cool. Wearing disposable gloves, separate meat and larger vegetables from carcass.
  • Pour broth into gallon-size freezer bags, or cook advanced meals right away.

Meals Frozen to Microwave all Week:

  • Meats and vegetables are frozen in zip-lock bags or start preparation for meals.
  • Turkey, chicken, or beef pot pies, gravy, to later add to mashed potatoes or rice.
  • Turkey stir-fry, turkey-veggie omelets and sandwich rolls with gravy. They freeze well, microwave better than “TV dinners/Hot Pockets”.
  • Advanced cooked/frozen side-dishes: mashed potatoes, rice, fettuccine noodles, veggies: carrots, broccoli, green beans, just microwave each meal.
  • Add larger recipes like spaghetti sauce, pastas, pot roast and ground beef, weekly for wider selections of frozen home-made meals.