With a brand new year come those damn resolutions that we always promise ourselves we will keep but never do. Like everything else in life, doing something alone can be a major drag. You will more than likely give up on your resolution before the end of January. But if you involve the entire family, you will have the combined support to commit to those New Year’s resolutions possibly all the way to July.

Now how often do you sit at the dining table only to have your son or daughter get distracted by a chat session he or she is having on their smartphone. Not only does their food get cold but it limits their answers to your questions to one word answers like “yeah”, “no”, and “uh-huh”. So one of your resolutions for 2015 should to spend a little more time together without the electronic items getting in the way and that includes television and video games, unless you are all participating together.

Of course video games are not the only way you can spend time with the family. You can find healthier ways like agreeing to go bike riding at the park after dinner or going bowling together one night. A bit of extra physical activity isn’t just healthy for the family but it keeps certain family members from turning into the next Santa.

If you are not the outdoorsy type of family then look for some other activities to do around the house like cleaning. Assign each family member to clean, rearrange and/or redecorate a section of the house like the garage, their bedroom, the living room. Trust me. This can be a project that can last several days. Sweeping alone can help you or your kids burn a couple of calories.

Another resolution that can help the family spend some quality time while remaining active is by volunteering through a community service program. Helping others is a great resolution. So volunteer to clean up litter from the streets and parks or feed the homeless at a soup kitchen.

Speaking of feeding, I’m forgetting the most common resolution which is dieting. This is the toughest one to keep but with the love and support of the family, you can all stick to it. Agree to switch all the sweets with natural fruits and the sodas with fruit juices or water. As a treat you can always designate one night an ice cream night and go out and get some. I am referring to the ice cream.

Watching too much television can be bad for your kids and for you as well. They say the more time you spend in front of the TV the more brain cells you kill. So make reading more another family resolution this year. Taking them all out to the public library to pick out a book can be a rewarding family outing too. There are things that kids can get from reading a book that they cannot learn from a tablet even though the latter does save trees.

Speaking of saving trees, how about going green this year as one of your resolutions? Get involved with the community on how you can join a recycling program. Become more knowledgeable on what organic products are and how to replace items in the house, like lightbulbs, with a more eco-friendly alternative.

Going green and switching to organic foods might save the world but it will burn a hole through your pocket which is where savings is another great resolution. Work collectively to cut down on costs around the house like saving water and taking shorter baths and not leaving the light on in a room with no one in it. This will lower the cost of your bills significantly. Also by saving money you are not only teaching your kids some good money managing habits but you can save towards a goal, like a family trip to Disney or Europe!

The point of making a resolution every year is to get rid of any bad habits you might have had, set goals for yourself and make your life better than it was last year. So what is the harm of convincing your family, probably through guilt, manipulation or lots of begging, to join you in your quest for improvement?