Spring is right around the corner. Time to break out the gloves, shovels and gardening gear, then get to work preparing your garden for planting season. We have some tips that will have your home garden looking green and gorgeous in no time. Ask the kids to pitch in and make gardening a fun family bonding experience.


It’s time to cut any perennials back that might not have been pruned in the fall. Be careful not to cut into any new growth that might be emerging. Make sure to also pull any over grown weeds.


Mulch around any trees, bushes, or shrubs you already have planted. Mulch helps retain moisture as well as keep weeds from growing back as fast.

Rain Bucket

Since the rain showers are coming make sure to make your own rain bucket. For more information on how to make your own check out our article here. Did you know you could also water your plants with left over water (from boiling pasta, rice, etc.) from your kitchen? Plants love the water!


Make sure to think ahead when planting your plants. Keep all your shorter plants on the south side of your garden and tall plants towards the north. It will help prevent the taller plants from casting shadows on the smaller plants.

Invite the Birds

Birds are a very important factor when planting a garden. Birds eat plenty of pests such as caterpillars, slugs and aphids. All of these pests could severely damage your garden. Attract birds with bird houses, baths, and feeders.

Herbs as Insect Control

When planting your vegetable garden don’t forget to include the herbs. Herbs not only are easy to grow and make cooking more fun but they also help to keep away insects. Basil helps to control flies and mosquitoes and spearmint keeps away ants.

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