It is that time of year again. Back to back holidays. You have Thanksgiving, and then 27 days later you have Christmas. The worst part of the holidays is making sure your kids get everything they asked Santa for in the letter you “mailed” to the North Pole. It can get costly, especially if you get paid only once a month or twice a month. Learning to cut cost where need be is very useful during the holidays. If you are going to host a Christmas party then you are going to need decorations. Save money and make decorating a family event. Plus your house will look so beautiful with all of the handmade decorations.

Here are a few decoration ideas that will surely keep your wallet and home full of joy.

Reindeer Clips: For this all you really need is some glue, clothes clips, beige paint, black marker, tape, white rope, brown pipe cleaners, and red mini pompoms. Most of the stuff you might have in a craft box. The clothe clips are .99 cents for a set of 24. The beige paint is $1 dollar, and the red mini pompoms were a dollar too for a whole bunch. First find the spot in the house where your want to hang the reindeer. Tape one end of the white rope to the wall and do the same to the other side. Make sure it curves a little. Now paint the clothes clips with the beige paint. Let it dry. Put the eyes on with the black marker. Hot glue on the red nose, and cut pieces of the brown pipe cleaner to make the antlers. Glue those on too. Let them dry. Now clip them on the rope. You have your set of flying reindeer. Total cost: $5 dollars for 24 reindeer clips. (Supplies purchased at a dollar store or re-used)

Advent Calendars: These are a great craft to make with the kids because they can personalize their own calendars. You will need 24 circular type holders. I used old yogurt containers or Dixie cups (anything big enough to hold a mini gift will do), hot glue, construction paper, glue stick, red glitter, black marker, and cardboard. Use one of the cups; make 24 circles on the cardboard using a pencil. Now pass the glue stick all over the cardboard except for the circles. Pour the glitter all over and shake off the excess. Cut out same size circle shapes that will fit inside each of the cups. Write the numbers 1-24 on them. Glue them to the inside of the cups. Now glue the cups to the empty circle spots on the cardboard. Cut out their name using construction paper and glue it to the top of the board. You are done. Forget about stockings. Day by day you fill each cup with a special small gift (letter, coupon for ice cream when you clean your room, a small candy bar, hints to their X-mas gift). Total Cost: $5 dollars for a reusable advent calendar. (Supplies purchased at a dollar store or re-used)

You do not have to spend a lot to make a holiday memorable. Spending a lot of time with your family doing fun things is priceless…well in this case it is worth close to $10 dollars.