Fall is almost here! Can you smell the pumpkin spice in the air? Even better than seasonal lattes, think of all the fun you and your kids can have during the fall! The weather, the trees, the holidays… so much to do and only three months to do it. Make sure your family doesn’t miss out on any of the seasonal activities and write up a “fall fun bucket list” to stick on your fridge. You can even get ideas from your kids. But just in case, here are a few to get you started.


Go apple picking

Just because the weather got a little chillier, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun outdoors. Go pick some great apples and let the kids vote on how to use them (throwing them at their siblings doesn’t count). Bake delicious apple pie. Make apple pancakes for breakfast or even try your hand at apple cider. Nothing like drinking hot apple cider on a crisp fall afternoon.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Another outdoor activity for some fall family fun. Bring out the jackets and the scarves and go visit a pumpkin patch. If you save this one until October, make sure to choose the perfect pumpkin to carve later. Make a whole weekend out of it, help the kids choose the design they want for their pumpkin, roast the seeds (yum!) and create some pumpkin masterpieces.

Bake some treats

Children love to help in the kitchen. Nothing makes them as proud as being able to eat a cookie they decorated with their own hands. This is the perfect time to start trying out new recipes for cookies, brownies, donuts and other baked goods. And the weather is perfect for this too. Warm donuts fresh out of the oven taste better when it’s cold and windy outside.

Play with the leaves

Colorful leaves are an old fall favorite, we should all appreciate them. Take the kids on a “color tour” and have them photograph the trees and their different colors. Go outside and pick pretty leaves that you can press to dry and use them to make cards, decorate picture frames and other fun crafts. Or simply go to the lawn and rake all the leaves together so the kids can run and jump in them. Guaranteed to make laughs and giggles happen. Another fun activity is a scavenger hunt. Go to the park and make a list of things to find, like leaves of certain colors, feathers, rocks of a certain shape, you name it.